Ether Utility Token

The Next Generation of Advanced Solutions
for All Global Monetary Transactions

EUT will create a decentralized and fully autonomous EUT Network on the blockchain with advanced Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by its crypto-economy.


Our Network capabilities, which have the potential to transform a number of markets like VPN, CDN, cyber security and encryption or even changing the landscape of application monetization market.


We recognize the imminent changes around the fast-paced investment world with new investment vehicles such as Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency in the market. After researching for a full year, the Company is ready to take on the full advantage of its own potential capabilities within property investments.



Despite having the choices such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Company is entering the arena with its own EUT cryptocurrency. Named Ethereum Utility Token and in short, EUT will bring about new waves of investments within the property market.

The Company

Here, we concentrate on redefining the capitalist venture and investment environment using blockchain technology.


Having the company headquarters in Malaysia, the company has its innovative and aggressive strategies started from 2017.


The company’s goals are to utilize digital currencies akin Bitcoin and Ethereum to allow investors from all walks of life to begin building their wealth.

Property Development

Use of blockchain technology and EUT to fund potential projects around South East Asia.

Cryptocurrency Trading & Management

We trade in well-established currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum whilst looking out for new currencies for trade and investment.

Mobile App Development

With a dedicated team to create applications that reshape the user interface and user experience.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy

As the world is running out of fossil fuels, the time to start investing and creating renewable forms of energy is right.


Internet users & Online businesses

Reduce costs on the VPN consumer market and eliminate the intermediary to enable people to share spare broadband connection.


High speed and stable connection.

Mutual Settlements

EUT will be the only crypto-currency allowed for mutual settlements.


Fo technology companies to build awesome apps and services on this network that potentially disrupt the market.

Decentralized VPN

Fully anonymity, no private data and no access for third party.


Token Name
Ether Utility Token
ERC20 ( Ethereum )
Total Supply (after burning)
350,000,000 EUT (fixed, no dilution)
No mining or any other means of increasing token amounts will apply to EUT
Token Utility
Internal crypto-currency to exchange value (utility) between EUT Network participants
Token Issuer
EUT Ltd (a EUT limited company)
Token Special Conditions
Token exchanges for purpose of buying / selling internet broadband (between EUT Network participants only) will be subject to commission fee - up to 1% of transaction price in EUT. No fees for any other transactions and exchanges except payments for bandwidth.

EUT Listing Price

Listed in the table below are the various stages of the coin offerings as well as their price:

Amount Price Total Value

With the amount generated, the goal is to keep the coins value up and in circulation within members of the Company and the public. In order to achieve this, EUT can be used in a multitude of ways; and this will see the value of coins held by each investor rise exponentially.

EUT Whitepaper

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